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Palmetto Entertainment
About PE
Palmetto Entertainment has been dedicated to providing quality mobile entertainment for a number of years. For over 10 years precisely we have provided services at a vast array of venues from the formal to the casual. We cherish the special moment that every event celebrates and that is why we provide a music library that is customizable to suit the occassion.

Palmetto Entertainment


Eclectic Music Choice​

"Yes!" That's the answer you'll recieve when you ask if we have "Any Time At All" by The Beatles. Well, perhaps not quite like that but if you ask directly before the event we would be more than glad to add your favorites to our library just for you.

Professional Lighting​

With state of the art equipment ​we are able to provide great music that not only sounds great but looks great as well. Dancing lights always seem to do the trick in motivating even the toughest of crowds to get their boogie on.

Clean Cut Editing

All of our music has been edited and stripped of the vulgar language that is not accepted into today's society. We at Palmetto Entertainment know how to bring the life to a party using the words from mr. webster himself which does not include swearing. ​