Standard with each event is quality sound produced by Yamaha and top of line party lights by Chavet all controlled by Apple processors.



Standard time includes 2 hours of rehearsal time and 4 hours combined wedding and reception time. Additional time may be purchased  at $100/hr.




Standard reception is 3 hours 
and includes sound system
, party lights, and M/C service
Want to keep the party going?
$100/hr for additional time.



Reunion/Holiday Parties

Reuniting never felt so good! But it could feel better with 4 hours of musical goodness.
Need more time? Add it on for an additional $100/hr.



Proms/Civic Clubs

For 4 hours your attendees get to break out their moves. If you feel they may need more time add it for an additional $100/hr.


Available Upgrades

Each Package Can Be Upgraded To Include Special Features For An Additional Fee

2nd Sound System $125

The second sound system is for events that are taking place at more than one location and require the quality sound of our Yamaha sound boards at both.

Uplighting $200

Interested in having the glamour of fancy lighting shown at your event? Simply ask and we'll be more than happy to add it to your package.

Photo Booth $500

An event only lasts for a few hours, however, the memories last for a lifetime. Why not provide your guests with a photo booth to capture the moment? For an additional $100 we'll even print the pictures for you.

​​Monogram Lighting $100

Nothing says fancy like a monogram on the things you own. So, why not own your special day with a customized lighted monogram?